Hi there, I’m Andrea!

I am a Texas State University Communication Design graduate. I double majored in Digital Media Innovations and Communication Design. These two areas are my passion combined. I’m an analytical thinker, lover of art, design and adventures. I love to find design inspiration for personal projects in every day little things.

I look forward to working with a company that creates impactful designs for social good with empathy in mind. I’m always up for an adventure and the opportunity to grow; I believe in life long learning. love knowing the rules of design and how to break them. I push myself to think beyond my first ideas. Iterations are key for me. I'm a sticky note user and I almost always have a list and a set of colorful pens ready to go. I am a hard worker, resourceful and a collaborative team player. I am ready to join your team, if you think I would be a fit for your company let's connect!


a few of my favorite things