Vintage Camper Rally

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Vintage Camper Rally gathers members for events all throughout the year. Vintage Camper Rally uses technology to connect members and build the community through social media engagement and member sign-in portal on the website while also holding on to traditional communication methods, such as pen pals.


Develop a cohesive branding system through out the event with a focus on targeting a younger audience to join the camper rally community. Vintage Camper Rally holds events year round. The location is never the same, offering new adventurous road trips, learning about places and nature on-site in an affordable fun

way to travel and create memories. We provide a multi-generational space where everyone is welcome

and can share stories. This builds our community and provides connections with people of all walks of life to get to know. Come gather, get involved in activities, and live the vintage lifestyle for a weekend.

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Brand Identity

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Brand Merchandise

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