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Lux Lite Yurts

UX/UI I Branding I Art Direction I Research

This project was done in collaboration with Hannah Tanner

Branding I Art Direction I Copywriting I UX/UI I Research


Lux Lite Yurts is a re-brand for a Kickstarter, Gertent. They are an affordable and portable yurt company, this ux/ui system is based on an e-commerce site.


Select a kickstarter of interest to re-brand and create an accompanying e-commerce site.  

luxlitesymbol 2_1.gif

take a closer look,
click on the images. 



visual inspiration


User Research + Stratgies


Lux Lite Yurts is a re-brand for a Kickstarter, Gertent. They are an affordable and portable yurt company, this ux/ui system is based on an e-commerce site.


The pandemic effect:

COVID-19 has increased travel and road trips for families, couples, or people that are interested in living a nomadic lifestyle and looking to still have fun in a safe way while in quarantine. 

Lux Lite would be available for commercial event usage following the current pandemic social distance policies. 

how might we

1.  Make it affordable for everyone?

2. Organize it to allow for rental for commercial events?

3. Carry over some Mongolian culture into our system? Yurts are a place of housing for the Mongolian people.

4. Let it be an avenue for shared adventure stories?


Lux Lite Yurts is a portable yurt capable of being used for all four seasons. This allows the user to use it anytime and anywhere. Users can book to rent, shop to own, or reserve yurts for commercial events internationally.


The website or mobile app is for use to schedule, shop, and prepare users for their yurt journey. #yurtyourself

who are our users?


  • families

  • Young adults/professionals 

  • travelers or individuals who live a nomadic or mobile lifestyle.


Commercial Events

  • weddings

  • concerts/festivals/trade shows

  • retreats or wholistic practices

  • resort/property/campsite owners 

  • large groups, outdoor lifestyle, glamping


User Personas


The Traveler

The Boho Lifestyle

The Event Planner

Name: Mark Flegum

Age: 38

Occupation: PT Freelance Writer

Name: Bethany Johnson

Age: 29

Occupation: In-house Editor

Name: Chelsea Meyers
Age: 35
Occupation: Event Planner

The traveler is a person who lives an active lifestyle and seeks adventure daily. Our portable yurts gives this user the ability to pack up and go and have somewhere to stay on location of wherever their adventure is.

Bethany is the clamping queen who uses our yurts for rent and getaways with friends for the weekend for personal and job use. In Pre-pandemic world, she liked to gather with her friends to do yoga retreats for business and enjoys to be in nature.

Our commercial user would be a user that is planning to purchase or rent our yurts with our bundle packages. This user would use our yurts for events such as weddings, festivals, concerts, retreats, and trade shows.

From Sketches to Hi-Fidelity Prototypes

book it online

Lux Lite Yurts is re-brand for a kickstarter, Gertent. They are an affordable and portable yurt company, this ux/ui system is based on creating an e-commerce system for web and mobile devices.


sketches + exploration


e-commerce sketches


refining ideas with wireframes 

1 Creme.png

Create your yurt could be fun to explore​.


Like the symbols, maybe they relate to Mongolian


1 Creme.png

make image full width, rearrange the calendar area with more space and bigger text, the package bundle text should move closer to tadd to cart section.

1 Creme.png

new image? hard to read text. Can make a different element in this section full width instead? 

1 Creme.png

gallery is too small.

Love a tested history section, can make it stand out more with color? Does this style show up elsewhere?


Final Design

1 Creme.png

reserve your next destination

Lux Lite Yurts app provides users the option to book, reserve, and checkout on a mobile device. 

lux lite mobilemockup.jpg
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