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Materialized is a digital and print quarterly magazine. It features organizations using materials and methods to raise awareness, educate, and create a lasting impact on making the global sustainability efforts a priority.


Create a quarterly print and digital magazine raising awareness for sustainability and educating how to live a more conscious life in reducing waste, plastic, and etc. through featured articles on different organizations and charities supporting sustainability. In these articles contains methods and materials each organization uses to produce products for purchase or activities. Within the magazine is 3 sections-- art/design, lifestyle and data giving the reader a well rounded view of the chosen sustainable topic.


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The Print

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The Digital

Materialized is a digital and print quarterly magazine. This allows the online platform to stay updated more consistently. 

user personas

Sadie is a marine biologist who 

encounters the effects of plastic

and other non-biodegradable products in our oceans firsthand.

She dives weekly to save any marine animals entangled in nets or caught with plastic. Sadie supports the organizations that are helping marine wild-life efforts.

This family lives on the west coast and joins active beach clean-up organization events. The parents believe in teaching the kids the value of our planet and nature around us. Inspiring the next generations to take an active role in making sustainability a priority.

This group of activist led by Josh are active in seeking change for our global warming efforts, living sustainable lives to save the planet.