Simply Baked: Margaret Rudkin The Legacy of Pepperidge Farm 

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Margaret Rudkin redefined her life at the age of 40 in an attempt to help heal her son’s severe asthma condtion that limited his ability of what he could eat. It all sarted with a loaf of bread. Through trial and error she prefected a recipe. The word spread around that her bread had been helping to heal her sons’ asthma from the doctor. She began making batches of bread in her kitchen and took it to a grocery store to see if she could sell it. She insisted the loaves be sold for .25 cents and when she returned home she had orders for more batches. The demand for her bread grew fast, she operated out of her kitchen and her then garage, hand making the loaves of bread until 1940. She then built the first state of the art bakery in the U.S. in Norwalk, Connecticut. She became one of the top women in the workforce leading the way for her brand to increase through product expansion, leadership, and her passion for baking. 


Design a catalog for an exhibition of your own creation. Simply Baked exhibition showcases an exhibit based on Margaret Rudkins' life and the story of Pepperidge Farm. A catalog accompanies this exhibit as well as a tiny recipe book. 

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